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FOAMGLAS® Insulation and Sustainable Design
Sustainable design is becoming more important, and the demand for sustainable products with low environmental impact continues to grow. The question of how to choose the right insulating material can only be answered by a holistic approach:

Does the insulating material address both Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Environmental Design?
Will it produce positive Energy and Emission values?

Compared to other insulating materials, does it possess an above average life span?
Are the insulating properties sustained over time, and help avoid premature, costly renovations?

FOAMGLAS® insulation earns an excellent rating in its overall performance assessment. Due to its unique combination of physical characteristics, which provide safety, durability, sustainability, and long term economic benefits, FOAMGLAS® insulation is the preferred insulating material for industrial construction.

Totally inorganic and safe
The inorganic safety insulation material FOAMGLAS® insulation, which is composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells, has stood the test of time in applications for decades. This all-glass, closed-cell structure provides an unmatched combination of physical properties ideal for piping and equipment above the ground, as well as underground, indoors at operating temperatures from -268°C to +482°C (-450° F to +900°F):
Resistant to water in both liquid and vapor form
Noncombustible/nonabsorbent of combustible liquids
Resistant to most industrial reagents
Dimensionnally stable under a variety of temperature & humidity conditions
Superior compressive strength
Resitant to vermin, microbes and mold
Fiber, CFC and HCFC free

Energy saving and environment friendly
FOAMGLAS® insulation is manufactured only from crushed glass and carbon, is free from fibers, CFC and HCFC and is environmentally sound. With its constant, and long-term energy efficiency, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation provides low, predictable energy costs.


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